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<3 = I’m falling for you.

:) = I wanna cuddle up with you while watching movie.

;) = I like you a lot.

:( = You should talk to me more.

:D = You’re beautiful.

;O = I want to be best friends.

:P = I want you more than anything.

:K = Kiss me.

:| = You annoy me.

* = We need to make out!

<*3 = I want a relationship with you.

8D = I want to do sexual things with you.

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Anonymous whispered:
I wish I wouldn't have a crush. but my crush is awesome. she is kind, funny , intelligent and beautiful even though I think she can't see that on her own. she loves all the things I love but herself and it breaks my heart every time I see/hear/read that she hurt herself and I can't do anything about it because I'm too damn far away. every time I get a text from her I grin like the idiot I am. I know that I'll never have a chance to be with her, but I hope she'll be happy :)

Well, she sounds a lot like me, and in that case it’s because she thinks that there’s nothing good enough about her worth loving, so if you want to try and get a relationship with her, no matter the distance, just try and keep reminding her.. It’s all little things that matter! may the odds be ever in your favor! x

Anonymous whispered:
I fell in love with this guy and he's one year younger than me and he's the cousin of one of my good friend's.I think he was in love with me too cuz my friends said he was staring at me all the time.We had a few convos and he said my hair was nice c:

Aw, that’s sweet if you still feel like that, you should go for it! You never know until you try! Good luck!! x

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↳ thefaultinoursparklez asked: midnight or tooth and claw

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Tonight’s The Night - s02e02


There is only one man who could get away with that and that man is John Barrowman.

Please note that Prince Harry also slapped John Barrowman’s ass. That is a mutual high five/ass slap combo there, folks. IJS.

I don’t know what on earth is happening here, but I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

it gets better the longer you watch

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"There has to be a drug! A hallucinogenic or a deliriant of some kind.”

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Tenth. A summary
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James: Lily’s pregnant

Remus: are you serious?!


*cat screech*

James: damnit Remus we talked about this

*glass shattering*


*sirius falls through wall*

Sirius: NO BUT I AM



Sirius: wait what

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31 July, 1980
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Aquarella Tardis for roryful

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"I think I’d most like to spend a day with Harry. I’d take him out for a meal and apologize for everything I’ve put him through." J.K Rowling. 

Happy Birthday, Jo! Thank you for existing and creating the amazing world all of us love and will cherish forever! (July 31st, 1965)

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